Monday, January 26, 2009

Better late than never report: 2008 Mojave trail Adventure Day 2

Day 2 started off early. I cannot say bright as we were in the parking lot changing the tire under the parking lot lights. Everyone showed up and it looked typical: 1 guy doing most of the work and 4 standing around talking. No problem with the fix of both the tire and flat so we off to get breakfast.

The restaurant did not open till 7:30 so we just waited awhile. The hostess asked if we were carded members of the casino and said the special price was available if we were. Save some money, YES, so we all went to become free Colorado River Bell members. Back to be seated and what a good buffet it was. Good fresh food and lots of it. And our glasses never seemed to get empty our waitress just treated us well. Just what we all needed before a long days ride.
The inmates for the return trip were BAD LT, Bill and myself from the first day and WR TOM on his XR650L and Scott on his DRZ400. Well we finally left about 8:30AM so we are a little behind schedule but such is life, we’ll make up the time (HA HA). We all need to stop for gas. Bill was real worried about his stock gas tank WRF and was already on reserve before he pulled in the night before. At the station he put 2.1 gallons in the little tank, just made it.
Did the fast asphalt trip back to the M.T. and off we went. Did not realize how sandy it was yesterday, or is it I might just be tired and not warmed up yet? Yes that’s it. Had a great time riding west and stopped at Fort Piute for a little rest. Scott had never ridden the M.T. before so we stop at the sites for him to see.

After a short rest it is off again. Not 10 miles further BAD LT’s foopeg comes loose again. McGivers we are not. After a 40 minute repair we are back on the road again. Stopping at Kelso-Cima Road we read the monument plaque about the Nevada Southern Rail Road take a drink of water, a snack and continue west.

After more dirt 2-track the next stop is the mail box again to sign all our names on the return trip.

Eat a snack, drink some water, take some photos and off again. This day is pleasant and no real adventures yet, just fun riding.
We get to Kelbaker Road and decide we are running late so we just hit the pavement of Kelbaker Road for the northern run into Baker for lunch and gas. Arriving at 2PM we opt for a quick meal at TB. BAD LT is going to jump on Interstate 5 and head straight back. The repair job is getting worse, the peg won’t stay in place, he needs to pick up his son early and we all give him grief that he just doesn’t want to deal with the river crossing again.
We all jump on the freeway for a 10 mile (?) ride to the last jump off point back to the M.T. so we can go through Afton Canyon. This interstate ride is real interesting as Bill’s WRF is geared for the dirt so he is screaming the motor to get 55-60 mph out of it. We all bunch up around him so it will hard to miss our group. He pulls up close and drafts a big rig and gets to ease off the throttle a bit.
We exit the Interstate, bid farewell to BAD LT and the 4 remaining inmates head south to connect with the M.T. again.

Back through Afton Canyon and on to the wet part of the trip. Reaching the river Bill goes first and makes it through again with flying colors. I am next and head straight for the shallow side of the trail following Bills line. I get about a ¼ across and I the dreaded river snake grabs my bike and throws it to the deep side. I yell and into the bike sucking hole I go. The bike gets through the deep part but bogs and dies coming out the other side. OBOY wet feet. It is still pretty deep so I push this big monster until the water is lower than my engine and push the starter button. Vroooom, starts right up. I jump on the bike, put it in gear and start riding it out. WHAT IS THAT RACKET? Oh no and only 700 miles on the new bike. Got to dry land, jumped off and looked at the rear end. It was the stock plastic disc guard, YEP hit something. It broke the front support and was no acting like the playing cards we use to put in our bicycle spokes. Removed it and everything was fine. At least I now had proof something grabbed me in the water.

Tom and Scott also had no problems getting through the water. No real drama this time.
On we went after a quick gulp of water and emptying a large cup of water from each of my boots. The sun is getting lower in the sky and we must keep heading west. Bills wife Allie is preparing a meal for us when we return. Again some more quick dirt roads and we hit the paved service road on the south side Interstate 5. Needing to make up time we stayed on the paved road instead of finding more dirt. Besides we were getting tired.
In Dagget since the sun is setting we jumped on Interstate 40 to get into Barstow and follow Route 66 back to Silver Lakes again ignoring the call of the dirt. Bill takes us on a little side adventure back in to see Exotic World a museum for ladies of the night. Run by LADIES from Vegas it has moved to another location but the gates are still there. Pretty funny.

Well we finally arrive at about 5:30PM, 207 miles from the River and we are all ready to eat. Allie puts on quite a bbq spread and we fill ourselves up. She also has a decadent chocolate desert but I am so full and still have a long drive home in the truck I must pass it up.
Getting home at 9:30PM I pull the truck into the garage, loosen the tie down straps, jump in the shower and fall into bed. I’ll just unload in the morning then start work. Boy this mattress feels good and I am out cold as my head hits the pillow.
Well will the next trip be up to Portland, OR to visit my son; or up the Owens Valley, through the race track into Death Valley N.P then back through Mengal Pass; or up the western side of the Sierras over to the east side then back down through June Lake, Mammoth Lakes, then back through Panament Valley on the west side of Death Valley N.P.; or maybe somewhere else.

Keep watching.

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