Sunday, January 25, 2009


Travel philosophy ~ But of course, to plan an unbelievably, memorable adventure that can be cherish in your minds and photos.In the infancy of planning a trip, read as much as you can about your intended destination. Make a list of "must-see-and-do", places to visit, sights etc. Then the fun begins . . . the extensive homework to plan routes, lodging, visiting, tours, etc. Always leave wiggle room in your itinerary for unexpected gems found along the way.Try staying in mostly private, home based B&B’s, small family run hotels in cities and campgrounds where a convenient room can not be found. What better way to learn about your host country and their culture than to stay with them and see how they live. Not to mention all the great people we meet along the way.At the end of the day, know that you have used your time wisely, spent money unfoolishly, know that you created unforgettable memories and had some fun adventures along the way.Happy travels!
The Motto is Pack Light!

A little bit about myself. Born and raised in Orange County, CA. I have been blessed with a family that enjoys the outdoors and travel. I have been on camping trips and day picnic trips from the mountains, beaches and deserts since I was in diapers. As a young boy my family traveled every year. We crossed the country in a car along the original Mother Road, Route 66, and later along the Interstate; by plane and also train. As I grew up the family visited National Parks and Forests, National Monuments and places of Historical interest across the USA. My father always stopped at all the Informational Monuments along the roads we traveled. I started riding motorcycles at the age of 10 and still enjoy the thrill riding. Started snow skiing in my late 20’s and as always have enjoyed sleeping in the outdoors. Married life has been good to me. My wife Jodi also shares the same interests that I do. We love to travel and have enjoyed cruises to Alaska, Mexico, through the Panama Cannel, and the Caribbean. Our latest travels have taken us on a 4 week cross country trip by car; a 4 week car trip through England, Scotland and Wales; a 4 week car trip through Germany, Austria, northern Italy, and Switzerland; a 3 week train trip from Paris through Italy; and a 3 week car trip through France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Then all the local shorter trips we are able to do the rest of the time. We both love the Disney Parks and have visited Disneyland, Disneyworld, and Disney Paris. With Disneyland so close we have annual passes so we are able to just go over for an evening and enjoy watching the guests of the park, which doesn’t mean we don’t have fun on the rides. What our next trip will be, only time will tell. Other blogs will follow Jodi and Terry’s travels (see above), this blog is to write about my adventures on the motorcycle that might be 1 day trips to multi-day fun. Well it will get better. Hope you follow along on my journeys.

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